A- Z - X is for eXtra Special !

Hey Everyone,

I want to apologise for my lack of blogging the past few weeks, unfortunately real life has gotten in the way of this multiple times ! *shakes fist at the sky* but I am here now, and blogging for my life !

So *this* week's theme is "eXtra Special" I admit I had a little difficulty with this one as my mind was so full of ideas, but I came up with something a few days ago that luckily I managed to pull off first try !! 

A Neon Rainbow Water Marble Decal mani !!
So for this design, I used polishes from my China Glaze Electric Night's collection to make the rainbow.

Because I wanted a rainbow effect, I didn't make any patterns, I just left it with the bullseye pattern made naturally by dropping the polish into the water.

I then used the technique I read via Alps Nail Art to make the decal !

These decals have been placed over a white base of Barry M Gelly Nail Paint - Cotton

What do you think? are these eXtra Special enough? :)

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Until next time !

L x

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  1. I tried to do something similar a few weeks ago and the colours all ran into each other. It didn't cross my mind to leave it to dry as decals!