'Ard as Nails swatches and review !!

[This post contains samples sent for review]

Hey Everyone!!

I am back from my little blog hiatus with a little something for you !

I have noticed a few of my nail polish pals swatching some fantastic colours by a relatively new (to me)  indie brand called 'Ard as Nails and I was lucky enough to be sent 4 of their new polishes for review ! I can tell you now.. they are amazing !

I have been sent two creme finish polishes, and two sheer polishes that are used as a topper for dark polish.

Unless otherwise stated, all polishes are two coats and no topcoat.

So without further ado, here is the first of the creme polishes :) .

This one is called "Olly" it is the perfect lilac colour, dries to a glossy finish.

After one coat this was opaque, but because I am a perfectionist, I added a second coat to "even things out" ( even though it really didn't need a second coat )

It dries pretty quickly, though it isn't labelled as a fast drying polish, I was very impressed at how fast it dried once on my nails !

The second of the creme polishes in "Purple Rain" and oh my god I am in love with this colour! I have a soft spot for dark purples, and I admit to having a few of them, but this one is the most purple. 

Several of the other brands that I own are a little "too" dark in that you can only tell it's purple in certain lights, or by up close. "Purple Rain" however stays that perfect deep eggplant purple and it glows from within.

This again was opaque after one, coat, but I went ahead with two coats anyway :)

Here is the first of the sheer topcoats.

I wanted to see how looked on their own, so I applied two coats of "Amie" and it gave a really pretty shimmery effect. Nice and subtle and would work wonderfully over the top of a plain french manicure to give it a little sparkle ! :)

I then did two coats over a dark grey polish and it started giving off this stunning purple / blue / green effect that was mesmerising. I was literally staring at my nails for a good 15 minutes before I remembered what I was doing! :)

and lastly is "Fearne"

Again two coats over a bare nail gives that subtle shimmery effect that "Amie" did, but took on a completely different look when layered two coats over a dark grey polish.

The colours in this polish are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum than "Amie" the colours in "Fearne" are warm golds, reds, oranges, with a hint of pink sparkle.

Overall I must say that these polishes exceeded my expectations massively ! 
I am incredibly impressed with the quality of the polishes, and absolutely in love with all of the colours I was sent.

I will definitely be buying more polishes after pay day !!

You can follow 'Ard as Nails on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE

I shall be blogging again soon hopefully with some weekly nail art designs to share with you all !! :)

See you soon !

L x 

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