My favourite Disney Villians !

So next week is very exciting for me !

I am going to see Maleficent with a very good friend and we are like two small children waiting for Christmas. It's going to be EPIC !!

I'm currently sat at home trying to deal with a lot of physical pain ( which I won't go into ) & my way to deal with  that is usually to sit quietly and do something like watch a film, play card games, or paint my nails.

Now with the Maleficent film around the corner ( for me anyways ! ) I thought about doing some Sleeping Beauty inspired nails, but then as I was getting my paints together I was starting to think about what other Disney Villains there are, and what my favourite ones were.

So I had a think, and below is what I came up with :)


Serum No 5 swatches part one !

Hi All !!

There's a little bit of good and bad news...

The bad news is I have placed myself on a nail polish buying ban. Boooooooo.

The good news is, it's because I am buying a house ! Yay !!

So my plans are to keep myself busy by creating blog posts of my existing polishes and seeing how far I get with that :)

I do have some polishes on the way already, but no more buys for a long time for me !!

Today's post is all about the gorgeous glow in the dark polishes made my Serum No 5.
I am a bit of a latecomer to their awesomeness & I am slightly embarrassed by how I didn't buy their polishes before !

I have owned a fair few glow in the dark polishes in the past, and they've always turned out to be quite a bit of a let down, but after seeing the glowing power of these I am seriously in awe.

Today's swatches will be "Glowin' of Eden"


Catching up on some nail art !

Hi guys !!

So I've realised exactly how much nail art I have done over the past few weeks, and so I thought I would make a short blog to show you my favourites.

This will be a pretty picture heavy post ( my personal favourite ) So be prepared for lots of photos & a little bit of waffle from me.

I have a few other posts scheduled for the next few days, but this is a little last minute post as I realised my Nail Art folder was getting a little packed !

Photos are after the jump !