I'm back !! With a new challenge !!

Hello My lovelies !!

I am SUPER excited to be a part of the newest Nail Art Challenge that my wonderful and talented group of ladies are going to be participating in.

The Wiki'd Nails Challenge.

This new challenge will run over 10 weeks this time, and all prompts are based off random Wikipedia articles that myself and the super talented Charlie from Pocket Money Polishes found. This will ensure that everyone's brains will be put to the test as interpretation is going to be key.


A - Z The FINAL installment! Z is for ZIG ZAG !!

So today's blog post brings us to the end of this round of A to Z of nails.

This week's prompt is Zig Zag, and because I couldn't decide which of the two ideas to use... I did both !


A-Z - Y is for YOU !

So here's the second of my catch up blog posts !

This one is from the "You", now there are so many things that I would class as me, one of those being a lover of all things obscure, so  I decided to think outside of the box, and came up with something that makes all of you too !!

A- Z - X is for eXtra Special !

Hey Everyone,

I want to apologise for my lack of blogging the past few weeks, unfortunately real life has gotten in the way of this multiple times ! *shakes fist at the sky* but I am here now, and blogging for my life !

So *this* week's theme is "eXtra Special" I admit I had a little difficulty with this one as my mind was so full of ideas, but I came up with something a few days ago that luckily I managed to pull off first try !! 

A Neon Rainbow Water Marble Decal mani !!