Happy Halloween blog post

Happy Halloween lovelies !!!

This is the post I have been leading up to all October :)

Herein lies every Halloween design I have made this year! Some of which you may have seen via my Instagram, but some are a few surprises I have sneaked in.

This post is going to be very photo heavy, so I'm going to try and soften the blow by not writing a novel before each one as a description.

First up is a Day of the Dead / Calavera inspired design, I wanted to concentrate on distinguishing features rather than attempt at a teeny tiny whole face on each nail with not a lot of detail.


A - Z Weekly Challenge. New Weekly Challenge !!

Hey All !!

So last week was the last of the A-Z of polish challenge, but this week the A-Z challenge returns with a new theme !

This time round is more open to interpretation, which means t hat we all get to see a huge variation of ideas from everyone involved, and we have had a bit of a recruitment drive, and we now have a huge pool of talented nail artists who are joining in with the challenge via their blogs & the instagram hashtag #A2ZNAILS, so keep an eye out for that :)

Now for today's prompt... ANGLES !! 

So I wanted to stick with a slight Halloweeny theme as it's that time of year, so I went for a black / orange ombré on two accent nails using Barry M Matte in Espresso, and Barry M Gelly in Mango ( my go to halloween orange ) over a base of Models Own HyperGel in White Light.

To create the angles, I used some right angle nail vinyls from NailVinyls.com, and then topped it off with some Seche Vite to smooth out any bumps left over from painting on top of the vinyls.


A to Z of polish... Z is for.... ZOYA !

Hey All !

So today is a sad day :( It's the end of the A to Z of polish challenge... It's the end of an era..

BUT NEVER FEAR !! Next week I will be joining in with another A to Z weekly blog challenge. More on that next week, but today is all about the Z's..

Hit the jump for my final A to Z of polish mani <3


Four Seasons Blogger Collaboration.

Hey All !

Today is going to be something a little different to normal, myself and 3 other lovely ladies have decided to band together to create a seasonal nail art collaboration.

Hit the jump to see what we all did !


MoYou London Plate review

Hi All !!

So I was lucky enough to be sent two stamping plates from MoYou London to review for them.

The plates up for review are Hipster plate 07 & Explorer plate 08 !

Hit the jump for the review and to see what I created. :)


A to Z of Polish - X is for...

Xyloid !!

So it is another difficult week for me as I don't have ANY polishes beginning with X, so I've winged it yet again and gone with an obscure word instead.

Xyloid is a Greek word meaning "resembling wood"

So I obviously came up with some nail art to match ;)