A to Z - L is for Lines !

Hey All !

So this week's A to Z post was a bit of a faff for me.

I had done this pretty cool design for lines week, and then my brain decided it could do one better. But my brain failed me and I ended up with two massive nail fails. Sigh.

SO without further ado! Here's my original idea that doesn't look terrible at all !


A to Z - K is for Kitsch !

Hey All ! 

Guess what...? 

Yup ! It's A to Z time !

This week's letter is K, and we had the option to go for "Kitchen Sink" or "Kitsch" theme. I considered the Kitchen Sink idea, but I had too many thoughts swimming around in my head as to what I could do, so I simplified it and went with Kitsch.



Art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way

Only one thing popped into my head when I decided on Kitsch. That thing was Cath Kidston.


A to Z - J is for JEWELS !

Hey again guys !!

It's that time of the week again where I get my brain working hard to try and come up with an original idea based on a weekly prompt.

Now this week is "Jewels" and I had SO many ideas in my head, unfortunately none of them worked out well on the nail, so I resorted to my back up plan.... Stamping.


Birthday Blog Post !!!

Hey Everyone!

It's my birthday today and I thought I'd share a couple designs that I wore for my birthday this weekend. 

I hope you enjoy them! They're both recreations of past birthday manicures. One is from last year (2014) and one from 3 years ago (2012) I'm hoping there's a little bit of improvement in my technique between then and now ;)

First up is a recreation of sorts of a balloon mani I did three years ago, This was at the start of my nail art "career" so it wasn't the best, but I remember how proud I was at the time ! It was probably the most complex design I had done to date,


A to Z of nails - I is for INSPIRED

Hi Everyone !!

Many apologies for my little unintended hiatus, My PC decided to stop working as of Christmas Eve, so I had no access to a computer all over Christmas and New Year ! Luckily though my new one arrived yesterday so I can start blogging again YAY !! :)

My first blog post of the new year is of course part of the ongoing A to Z of nails challenge, and this week is the letter I, and our prompt for this week is inspired, so I decided to use an awesomely foxy jumper of mine as my inspiration !