A-Z Challenge. E is for Elegant

Hey Guys! It's A-Z time again ! :)

This week is "E" So our theme is "Elegant". This week was fairly easy for me as I had an idea in my head immediately and just went with it  !!


A to Z Challenge - D is for DARK

Hey lovelies !

This week's A-Z theme is "Dark" and as always it's completely open to interpretation, and as you all know I do like a little bit of obscurity, so I thought I would go for something a little different and "out there" ;)

So I new all the other awesome ladies doing the challenge would come up with something amazing, so I thought I would have a go at something amazing too :)

So my take on this weeks "Dark" theme is...

Black Hole. 

You can't get much darker than that, can you?


A to Z Challenge ! C is for COPYCAT

Good Afternoon all !

It's time for another A to Z post :)

This week's theme is "Copycat". We had the choice to copy another nail artist, or a pattern, or anything really! This theme was wide open to choose whatever you wish.

So for my copycat design, I decided to copy this design from the lovely Jessnailed_it on Instagram.

Link to the original instagram page HERE


A to Z - B is for BOLD

Hey all !!

This week has gone by so fast! So today's A to Z theme is "BOLD"

Now there are many ways to interpret bold, but the first thought that came into my head was super bright contrasting colours.
Nothing complicated about this weeks mani, the colours may blow your eyeballs out though.