A to Z of nails - G is for GOLD

Hi Everyone! 

It's that time again where I get given a theme and try and be as obscure as possible!

This week is clearly no different to any other, so without further ado, check out my design for "gold" week !

So, for those who cannot read music ( or for those who think my freehand skills leave a lot to be desired ) these are the opening few bars of the song "Gold" by Spandau Ballet ( showing my age a little here haha! )


A to Z Challenge "F" is for Fashion!

Hey Everyone !

It's that time of the week again, and I'm actually more excited about this weeks theme than I should be.

I actually came about this weeks mani without even thinking about it. I was chatting to Charlie from Pocket Money Polishes when she reminded me about the F for fashion theme, I looked down at my nails that I was painting for the hell of it, and immediately thought "yup, these are the nails I'm going to use"

So my inspiration for this mani are these leggings from Black Milk. It's a lovely simple pattern, but catches the eye nicely, & I knew I had a MoYou London stamping plate somewhere with the same pattern on, so I dug it out, and there we have it !

I feel like I kinda cheated a bit by using such a simple design and a stamping plate too, but I still love them :)