A to Z - S is for Silver!

Hey All !

It's A to Z time again and this week's theme is S for Silver.

Admittedly I was a little worried when I was mid way through this mani that Verity from Bionic Hips and Fingertips was going to come up wit the same idea, but after seeing her awesome mani I had a sigh of relief as she always does amazing designs and was worried that she was going to do a much better version of my own ! haha


A to Z - R is for Redo/Reboot/Recycle/Reuse

Hey All !!

So today's blog post is on a wider scale than a few others, so that ( should have ) made it easier to choose a mani, so of course I had difficulty picking one to reboot out of the many designs I have done over the past 3 years.

I only figured out last night which design to choose, so I must admit I did complete it rather hastily, but I still think it ended up looking rather good, even if i say so myself :)


A fruity collaboration between friends.

So as a special treat for my beautiful followers is an extra little blog post !

A group of wonderful friends and amazing nail artists decided on a lovely fruit inspired collab for everyone to enjoy :)

For my fruit theme I chose apples as I'm a little rubbish at hand painting fruit & they seemed to be the easiest to paint :P


A to Z - Q is for Quirky ! (NSFW)

Hey lovelies !

This week's A to Z post is a little nsfw, so if you don't like comedy swearing, then don't continue !


So for the rest of you wonderfully sweary people, this week's theme is "Quirky" and I admit I had a really tough time thinking of what to do, until I realised that my favourite hobby ( aside from nail art of course ) is cross stitch... more specifically subversive cross stitch, with lots of swear words ! haha.

So I based this weeks mani on exactly that :)