A - Z - W is for Wild !

Hi All !

Apologies for the delayed posting recently, I've been trying to play catch up for a few weeks, but i'm just perpetually late now ! ARGH!

So anyway this ( last ) week's theme was "Wild" and I was racking my brains trying to figure out what to do, and I remembered that I hadn't done a Disney Princess design for a couple of weeks, so now is a good time to do another one !

So as this week is wild week, I decided on Merida from Brave because of her MASSIVE hair!


A to Z - V is for Valuable ! ( nfsw ) ( again )

Hey guys !

Sorry for such a late post! My week has been hectic !

But here I am ( finally ) ready for a new prompt :)

I did have something specific in mind for my Valuable design, but there has been a chain of events recently that made something click in my brain today and change my design completely.

And yes... it's another rude one :P


A to Z - U is for Unusual !

Hey All, 

Apologies for the short gap in blogging last week ! I am back though with another A to Z post :)

This week is "Unusual" and there were a bunch of things running around my head, but after watching some awesome David Attenborough shows I decided to do some nail art based on the cool glow in the dark deep sea creatures !!