A to Z of Polish... S is for Strawberry Tart & Sun Hat & Silver !

Hey everyone ! 

It's that time of the week again where we see what we can do with a few bottles of polish & a love of all things literary ! ( Well not quite, but it sounds good ;) )

Hit the jump for photos & what I used :)


A to Z of Polish - R is for Rosehip & Rhossilli !

Hey All !

It's that time again ! :) Todays Mani consists of two R polishes as I couldn't decide between them both.
They are both by Barry M, the first one is "Rosehip" which is from their Gelly line, and the second if "Rhossilli" from their Matte collection.

Hit the jump for a little look at what I came up with for these two wonderful polishes !!


A to Z of Polish "Q" is for.... erm......

Hey guys,

So today was meant to be "Q" day for the A to Z challenge... but even though I have many many polishes.. none of them have a name beginning with Q, it seems that a few others were in the same predicament as myself, so we decided this week would be a cheat week !

So for those of us with no "Q" named polishes we are just going with a "Q" theme !

Hit the jump to see what I came up with.


A to Z of Polish - P is for Papaya !

Hey everyone !

So after my shirt hiatus from the challenge last week due to unforeseen family circumstances, I am back with a double whammy of a post !

It's a colour I have never used before & my first try at a particular design !

Hit the jump for the results and polishes used :)