Happy Halloween blog post

Happy Halloween lovelies !!!

This is the post I have been leading up to all October :)

Herein lies every Halloween design I have made this year! Some of which you may have seen via my Instagram, but some are a few surprises I have sneaked in.

This post is going to be very photo heavy, so I'm going to try and soften the blow by not writing a novel before each one as a description.

First up is a Day of the Dead / Calavera inspired design, I wanted to concentrate on distinguishing features rather than attempt at a teeny tiny whole face on each nail with not a lot of detail.

 Next is one of my earlier designs, I think I painted this back at the end of September ! This is still firmly one of my favourites because the eyeballs just pop !


This one is very simple yet has had the most comments when I have been out and about !

This mani was wonderfully simple to do with a stamping plate from MoYou London. This reminded me of a skirt that was made by Black Milk Clothing :) 

These cute little ghosties were inspired by Sammy at Nailasaurus  for the #31DC2014 ( which I am yet to do !! oops )

These zombies and bats were kinda done on a whim. I wanted to do a purple gradient, and really wanted to incorporate some sort of halloween themed art for it. So I used my BM-H08 plate from BundleMonster.

This is one of the more simple halloween designs I did. Though, it's not that halloweeney ! The deep red from this Models Own polish (Marquise Maroon) looked very vampy, so I just added on a silver skeleton hand that I bought from DailyCharme. It didn't turn out too bad did it? :)

 This particular design HAS to be one of the most popular I have done this year. I've had SO many comments on these, I wanted to keep them on forever, but I wanted to do more designs too !

For these, I wanted to get the look of slime oozing out from the wall, a little in the vein of Ghostbusters 2, but a little classier !

Classic spiderwebs, but with a holographic twist. I initially considered just plain white webs, but then I remembered a few people had said that the Color Club Halo Hues were good for stamping, so I used Angel Kiss with another MoYou London plate.

Some of you may have already seen this mani, as I used it as a part of my MoYou London plate review ( which you can read HERE )

Slightly off the halloween topic ( but it still has witches so... ) These Wizard of Oz inspired nails gave me a good go at practicing my freehand skills on creating a life-like emerald accent finger.

These wonderfully bright nails were all stamped with more of MoYou London's festive plates. They were inspired by all the brightly coloured sweets that are given out to children on halloween each year.

This blood splatter mani was massive fun to do !! I used a Models Own white as a base, then watered down some red nail polish and red acrylic paints and just chucked it everywhere!
It was all very therapeutic :P

This final halloween mani I am wearing today.
My plans for this halloween night is to go to a friends house to watch spooky Disney films. So what better than to come along with a very spooky & Disney inspired design.

Do you recognise the theme?

I hope you all enjoyed my Halloween inspired nail art.
I'm hoping to be able to do another post like this for Christmas towards the end of December !

What do you think of my choices of designs? 
Let me know in the comments below.

L x

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