'Ard as Nails swatches and review !!

[This post contains samples sent for review]

Hey Everyone!!

I am back from my little blog hiatus with a little something for you !

I have noticed a few of my nail polish pals swatching some fantastic colours by a relatively new (to me)  indie brand called 'Ard as Nails and I was lucky enough to be sent 4 of their new polishes for review ! I can tell you now.. they are amazing !


Wiki'd Nail Art Challenge - Week 10 - Horror Icon

Hey ladies and gents !!

So this is the final instalment in the wiki'd nail art challenge and I must say, this was the prompt I had been waiting the whole 10 weeks for.

Horror Icon !

I made up a short list of all the horror icons to choose from , but still couldn't pick so I got a little help with my friends to help me choose  which one to go for.

Does this help give you a hint?

Wiki'd Nail Art Challenge - Week 9 - Random wiki article.

So for this week we had to pick a random wiki article to base our nail art on.

I managed to luck out as the very first page I got when I clicked the "random article" button was a pretty awesome one !!


Wiki'd Nail Art Challenge - Week 8 - Salicylic Acid

Hey Guys,

So after some deep throught, I decided to forgo the missing weeks from this Wiki'd Challenge as I had too much to catch up on. So Here is my take on the week 8 theme - Salicylic Acid !


Danglefoot Polish - "School's Out" trio

Hey All !

Firstly I am so sorry for the lack of blogging lately, I've had a manic few weeks, but I'm going to get back on it as of now; as things have calmed a little :)

So my first blog post in a while is going to be a mini review ! :)


Wiki'd Nail Art Challenge Week 2 - Water Babies

Hi All !

For the second week of the new Wiki'd Nails challenge, we have been given "Water Babies" to interpret at our own will.

I remember I loved the Water Babies book when I was little, and the illustrations stood out to me so much, so I decided to do a little design inspired by the books :)


I'm back !! With a new challenge !!

Hello My lovelies !!

I am SUPER excited to be a part of the newest Nail Art Challenge that my wonderful and talented group of ladies are going to be participating in.

The Wiki'd Nails Challenge.

This new challenge will run over 10 weeks this time, and all prompts are based off random Wikipedia articles that myself and the super talented Charlie from Pocket Money Polishes found. This will ensure that everyone's brains will be put to the test as interpretation is going to be key.


A - Z The FINAL installment! Z is for ZIG ZAG !!

So today's blog post brings us to the end of this round of A to Z of nails.

This week's prompt is Zig Zag, and because I couldn't decide which of the two ideas to use... I did both !


A-Z - Y is for YOU !

So here's the second of my catch up blog posts !

This one is from the "You", now there are so many things that I would class as me, one of those being a lover of all things obscure, so  I decided to think outside of the box, and came up with something that makes all of you too !!

A- Z - X is for eXtra Special !

Hey Everyone,

I want to apologise for my lack of blogging the past few weeks, unfortunately real life has gotten in the way of this multiple times ! *shakes fist at the sky* but I am here now, and blogging for my life !

So *this* week's theme is "eXtra Special" I admit I had a little difficulty with this one as my mind was so full of ideas, but I came up with something a few days ago that luckily I managed to pull off first try !! 

A Neon Rainbow Water Marble Decal mani !!


A - Z - W is for Wild !

Hi All !

Apologies for the delayed posting recently, I've been trying to play catch up for a few weeks, but i'm just perpetually late now ! ARGH!

So anyway this ( last ) week's theme was "Wild" and I was racking my brains trying to figure out what to do, and I remembered that I hadn't done a Disney Princess design for a couple of weeks, so now is a good time to do another one !

So as this week is wild week, I decided on Merida from Brave because of her MASSIVE hair!


A to Z - V is for Valuable ! ( nfsw ) ( again )

Hey guys !

Sorry for such a late post! My week has been hectic !

But here I am ( finally ) ready for a new prompt :)

I did have something specific in mind for my Valuable design, but there has been a chain of events recently that made something click in my brain today and change my design completely.

And yes... it's another rude one :P


A to Z - U is for Unusual !

Hey All, 

Apologies for the short gap in blogging last week ! I am back though with another A to Z post :)

This week is "Unusual" and there were a bunch of things running around my head, but after watching some awesome David Attenborough shows I decided to do some nail art based on the cool glow in the dark deep sea creatures !!


A to Z - S is for Silver!

Hey All !

It's A to Z time again and this week's theme is S for Silver.

Admittedly I was a little worried when I was mid way through this mani that Verity from Bionic Hips and Fingertips was going to come up wit the same idea, but after seeing her awesome mani I had a sigh of relief as she always does amazing designs and was worried that she was going to do a much better version of my own ! haha


A to Z - R is for Redo/Reboot/Recycle/Reuse

Hey All !!

So today's blog post is on a wider scale than a few others, so that ( should have ) made it easier to choose a mani, so of course I had difficulty picking one to reboot out of the many designs I have done over the past 3 years.

I only figured out last night which design to choose, so I must admit I did complete it rather hastily, but I still think it ended up looking rather good, even if i say so myself :)


A fruity collaboration between friends.

So as a special treat for my beautiful followers is an extra little blog post !

A group of wonderful friends and amazing nail artists decided on a lovely fruit inspired collab for everyone to enjoy :)

For my fruit theme I chose apples as I'm a little rubbish at hand painting fruit & they seemed to be the easiest to paint :P


A to Z - Q is for Quirky ! (NSFW)

Hey lovelies !

This week's A to Z post is a little nsfw, so if you don't like comedy swearing, then don't continue !


So for the rest of you wonderfully sweary people, this week's theme is "Quirky" and I admit I had a really tough time thinking of what to do, until I realised that my favourite hobby ( aside from nail art of course ) is cross stitch... more specifically subversive cross stitch, with lots of swear words ! haha.

So I based this weeks mani on exactly that :)


A to Z - P is for Pale !

Hey All !

This week's A to Z post is all about Pale things.

I admit I was a little stumped when it came to deciding what mani I was going to do, so I had a little google around and checked my dictionary for the definition of pale to see if that sparked any ideas.

But it was when I was reading about some international friend's epic snowy adventures that I got the idea for my mani.

The thing I absolutely adore but never ever happens in my area...

SNOW  !!


A to Z - O is for Old!

Hey all !

Back on time for this week's post YAY!

So this week's theme is "Old" and there isn't a lot older than a fossil huh?

I absolutely adored reading about dinosaurs when I was little and I admit I still love them now.
So what better to put on my nails than an awesome dinosaur skeleton?



A to Z - N is for New !


Sorry this weeks post is a little later than usual, I had work this weekend, and only managed to start the base coat!

This week's prompt is "New", and I was struggling a little with what I could do for "new" that wasn't your standard design. So I decided to choose "Nouveau" as I am a fan of Alphonse Mucha and his gorgeous works of art.

But I didn't want to do the obvious traditional Art Nouveau....

So a little delayed, but here it is ! My "New" mani.


A to Z - M is for Multi coloured!

Hey All !

This week's A to Z theme is multi coloured, and I really don't think I have had more ideas for any other theme !
I had so many ideas zipping around my brain all at once I had to write them all down in my diary so I wouldn't forget them !

Ultimately I went for a technique that I have been practicing ( and failing ) at for a very long time... Reverse stamping !

And here is my first successful reverse stamp design! YAY !!


A to Z - L is for Lines !

Hey All !

So this week's A to Z post was a bit of a faff for me.

I had done this pretty cool design for lines week, and then my brain decided it could do one better. But my brain failed me and I ended up with two massive nail fails. Sigh.

SO without further ado! Here's my original idea that doesn't look terrible at all !


A to Z - K is for Kitsch !

Hey All ! 

Guess what...? 

Yup ! It's A to Z time !

This week's letter is K, and we had the option to go for "Kitchen Sink" or "Kitsch" theme. I considered the Kitchen Sink idea, but I had too many thoughts swimming around in my head as to what I could do, so I simplified it and went with Kitsch.



Art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way

Only one thing popped into my head when I decided on Kitsch. That thing was Cath Kidston.


A to Z - J is for JEWELS !

Hey again guys !!

It's that time of the week again where I get my brain working hard to try and come up with an original idea based on a weekly prompt.

Now this week is "Jewels" and I had SO many ideas in my head, unfortunately none of them worked out well on the nail, so I resorted to my back up plan.... Stamping.


Birthday Blog Post !!!

Hey Everyone!

It's my birthday today and I thought I'd share a couple designs that I wore for my birthday this weekend. 

I hope you enjoy them! They're both recreations of past birthday manicures. One is from last year (2014) and one from 3 years ago (2012) I'm hoping there's a little bit of improvement in my technique between then and now ;)

First up is a recreation of sorts of a balloon mani I did three years ago, This was at the start of my nail art "career" so it wasn't the best, but I remember how proud I was at the time ! It was probably the most complex design I had done to date,


A to Z of nails - I is for INSPIRED

Hi Everyone !!

Many apologies for my little unintended hiatus, My PC decided to stop working as of Christmas Eve, so I had no access to a computer all over Christmas and New Year ! Luckily though my new one arrived yesterday so I can start blogging again YAY !! :)

My first blog post of the new year is of course part of the ongoing A to Z of nails challenge, and this week is the letter I, and our prompt for this week is inspired, so I decided to use an awesomely foxy jumper of mine as my inspiration !