I won something !!! / MoYou 20k Rainbow challenge

So, if you follow my Instagram, you may know I participated in the MoYou London Rainbow challenge, where you had to create different designs using MoYou plates with a dominant colour of their choosing.

It has been one of my favourite challenges yet & it really inspired me to produce something original using the plates I have. ( Luckily I have quite a few plates to choose from )

I tried to create something interesting with each design and it looks like at least one of them did well :)

Hit the jump to see my designs !!
This was for the "Red" prompt.
I used China Glaze "Ruby Pumps" as the base colour, and stamped with Mundo de Unas polish  number 1 using Fashionista plate number 03

This one was for the "Orange" prompt.
I used Barry M "Mango" & a little bit of Models Own"Red Lustre" as an ombré base, then stamped on Explorer plate number 10 using Mundo de Unas polish number 2

This one was for the "Yellow" prompt
This was the design that gave me first place in this category :)
I used Essence "Wanna be your sunshine" as the base & on my forefinger and pinky finger I sponged on some Barry M "Mango" for a little honey coloured ombré.
I used Pro plates 01 & 02 and stamped using Mundo de Unas polish number 2. I finished off with a little honey bee charm from DailyCharme

The next design was for the "Green" prompt
For this one I used Barry M "Key Lime" as the base, and sponged on some Serum No 5 "Glowin' of Eden" on top. I then stamped using Mundo de Unas polish number 2 with Mother Nature plate 14.

Next up was the "Blue" prompt.
For the base I used Models Own "Blue Glint" Cornflower Blue" & "Blueberry Muffin" and stamped on top using Mundo de Unas polish neon blue, using Fairytale plate 06.

"Purple" was the prompt for the next day.
I used Models Own "Pukka Purple" "Purple Glare" & "Grape Juice", Barry M "Prickly Pear" & Opi "Don't violet me down", I stamped using Mundo de Unas polish number 1 with Fashionista plate 04

"Pink" was the final prompt for the last day.
I used a base of Models Own "Naked Glow" with "Cerise Shine" sponged over the tips, I then stamped on Mundo de Unas polish number 2 using Explorer plate 07.

And then they decided to throw in a surprise extra day !
"Rainbow" was the prompt and we had to create a design using all of the above colours in one go !
This is my final design.
I used Models Own "Red Lustre", Essence "Wanna be your sunshine", Barry M "Key Lime", Models Own "Blue Glint", Models Own "Purple Glare", and Barry M "Miami" with Mundo de Unas polish number 1 stamped using Fairytale plate number 02.

I think that is the largest number of mani changes I've ever gone through in one week !!

So I won a MoYou plate of my choice and I will also get a little something extra in the mail as well :)

They have a new collection coming Friday so I want to see that first before I decide what to have as my prize !

Let me know what you think in the comments below <3

Love you all

L x


  1. I can't choose, they're all gorgeous! My top-3 is Orange-Green-Rainbow, randomly selected, 1st rank for the three of them ;D

  2. Ahhh I love these, they're amazing! My favourite has to be the orange safari one.

    -fellow sharkie blogger