A to Z Challenge ! C is for COPYCAT

Good Afternoon all !

It's time for another A to Z post :)

This week's theme is "Copycat". We had the choice to copy another nail artist, or a pattern, or anything really! This theme was wide open to choose whatever you wish.

So for my copycat design, I decided to copy this design from the lovely Jessnailed_it on Instagram.

Link to the original instagram page HERE

Now I had the plan in my head to copy this design for a couple of weeks, but of course a few days before the blog post was meant to be posted, two nails chipped, so I had to file them down to nubbins, thus giving me less room to work with.

I'm still quite happy with how they turned out despite the minor setback, and I shall be attempting this design again once my nails grow a little more.

So without further ado !
My copycat design :)

The base coat used was  Number 35 by Moyra UK, and the rest was handpainted using all acrylic paints.

It didn't come out as good as I was hoping, but I think that was more than likely down to lack of room on the nail, so I will most definitely be trying this again when my nails have grown back a little longer again, because I adore this design so much!

As always you can check out the HUB PAGE to see what the other ladies have been doing these past weeks, or check out the inlinkz below to see this weeks designs :)

See you next week !

L x

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