A to Z - U is for Unusual !

Hey All, 

Apologies for the short gap in blogging last week ! I am back though with another A to Z post :)

This week is "Unusual" and there were a bunch of things running around my head, but after watching some awesome David Attenborough shows I decided to do some nail art based on the cool glow in the dark deep sea creatures !!

I've wanted to do a glow in the dark mani for ages now & I have quite the collection of glow in the dark polishes from Serum No 5, I thought it's time to crack one open and use it ! :)

For the base I used 3am Girl by Ciaté, then I painted on the sea creatures with white acrylic paint, then highlighted some areas with Blue Blazes by Serum No 5 for a cool glow in the dark effect !!

Please excuse the quality of the photo, I'm still getting to grips with my night time camera settings.

But doesn't the bottle photograph well ?


I think I might have to do a Narmai and use my Glow in the Dark polishes more often !

As always you can check out the previous week's designs HERE, and for this week's designs click the inlinkz below <3
Much Love
L xx


  1. Love these so much! They're brilliant. Can't stop looking at those glow shots x