I'm back !! With a new challenge !!

Hello My lovelies !!

I am SUPER excited to be a part of the newest Nail Art Challenge that my wonderful and talented group of ladies are going to be participating in.

The Wiki'd Nails Challenge.

This new challenge will run over 10 weeks this time, and all prompts are based off random Wikipedia articles that myself and the super talented Charlie from Pocket Money Polishes found. This will ensure that everyone's brains will be put to the test as interpretation is going to be key.

We are starting off this week with the first prompt - "Tattoo" from this wikipedia page.

With so many different tattoo styles and artists out there, I decided to honour one of my favourite artists, whom I am planning on getting a tattoo from at some point. Jo Black.

I was browsing through her instagram getting some inspiration for a design that would best translate onto my nails, when she posted a beautiful sketch of a spirit animal / witches familiar. I knew that was going to be the one!

  For the base I wanted to get something as close to my skin colour as I possibly could, and the best polish that mimicks my own skin tone is "Lychee" by Barry M.

I then added a matte topcoat to prime the surface for painting, then painted the design on using acrylic paints and brushes from Stylish Nail Art Shop on Etsy.

I know I'm blowing my own trumpet here, but I am so happy with the end result, I just can't stop looking at them!

I think I'm going to go have a cup of tea to celebrate <3

As with all previous challenges, you can see everyone's designs week by week at the main hub page HERE.

Or click below for this week's designs.

To Follow Jo via social media, here are her links !
Tumblr : http://missjoblack.tumblr.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/BlackIncTattoo
Instagram : https://instagram.com/missjoblacktattoos/

See you next week !

L xx

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  1. These are wonderful - all the pats on the back for you, you should be proud. I love the whole spirit animal/familiar concept. The original tattoos designs are awesome.