Danglefoot Polish - "School's Out" trio

Hey All !

Firstly I am so sorry for the lack of blogging lately, I've had a manic few weeks, but I'm going to get back on it as of now; as things have calmed a little :)

So my first blog post in a while is going to be a mini review ! :)

The wonderful Hayley from Danglefoot Polish sent me her new "Schools Out" gift set to review for her, and I have to say, I'm a little in love with it !

First of all, the contents : There are three polishes in the set, "Down at the arcade" "Long hot summer" & Space Hopper Race" a beautiful smelling soap, some special edition cuticle oil, and a little sweet treat ! :)

So lets get swatching !

First up is "Long Hot Summer"

This is a gorgeous shimmery gold polish. It is pure sunshine in a bottle.
The formula is amazing and goes on smoothly. In two coats it is fully opaque and no streaks !

Next is "Down at the Arcade"

This is a shimmery olive green colour. The shimmer is subtle, which I like; and means the polish dries with a soft focus feel to it. In two coats, it is fully opaque :)

Finally, this is "Space Hopper Race"

This is a difficult colour to photograph, and describe so bear with me! 
On first inspection, the polish appears a deep orangey red colour, but changes to a coral-y red when applying on the nails, and is a different shade again in direct sunlight ! Unfortunately my camera wasn't playing ball so I couldn't pick up on all the colours, but it's close to how it looks in the bottle :)
This shade is a creme, so no shimmer, and again is fully opaque in just two coats.

The cuticle oil smells like a dream. I've been using it sparingly every day since I recieved the package, and my cuticles have never been softer <3

As for the soap, I haven't used it yet as I'm a bit of a soap hoarder and like to make things last, but I can tell you that it smells divine !

I did also get a little sweet surprise in my package to show you, but I couldn't help but eat it as I was painting my nails.. Ooops!

 Overall, I loved this little set. The polishes are gorgeous and varied, and the cuticle oil and the soap are amazing extras that give this package that little something special :)

 To purchase the School's Out gift set for yourself, check out Danglefoot Polish's Etsy store HERE !

What do you think of this set? Which are your favourite colours?

L x


  1. Love them - the red looks incredible! Beautiful swatches xx

    1. Thanks Lovely! The gold is my favourite <3