Serum No 5 swatches part one !

Hi All !!

There's a little bit of good and bad news...

The bad news is I have placed myself on a nail polish buying ban. Boooooooo.

The good news is, it's because I am buying a house ! Yay !!

So my plans are to keep myself busy by creating blog posts of my existing polishes and seeing how far I get with that :)

I do have some polishes on the way already, but no more buys for a long time for me !!

Today's post is all about the gorgeous glow in the dark polishes made my Serum No 5.
I am a bit of a latecomer to their awesomeness & I am slightly embarrassed by how I didn't buy their polishes before !

I have owned a fair few glow in the dark polishes in the past, and they've always turned out to be quite a bit of a let down, but after seeing the glowing power of these I am seriously in awe.

Today's swatches will be "Glowin' of Eden"

Now this may look like a standard glow in the dark green polish, but it is far from that.
For a start, the formula is amazing, it goes on so smooth and doesn't look bitty after one coat like others do.
It took 3 coats for it to become fully opaque on my nails.

It's such a gorgeous shade of pastel green, it completely dispels all those horrible memories of cheap & tacky glow in the dark polishes. This is in a completely different league !!

Now here is the fun part.....

That glow is just phenomenal. I literally sat in my room in the dark for about 20 minutes just wiggling my fingers in front of my face.

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