Nail Art Update

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 Hey guys !

 SO I've been recovering well from my operation & have been getting in on a few instagram nail art challenges over the last few weeks so I thought I would write a blog post to show you what I've been up to ! :)

 Hit the jump for the photos

First up is my version of the "flags" prompt from Californails instagram challenge #nailartjul.
Obviously I went for the Union Jack / Flag / whatever is the correct term !
The blue is Moyra no. 88, the white and red are painted using acrylic paints and the pink for the other nails was Avon Speed Dry nail enamel in "On the go Pink"

Next is one of my favourites from the lovely Jade from Life in Lacquer for the #lifeinlacquerjuly challenge. The prompt for this was "Food" and as pineapples are totally badass I had to go with them ! Plus they are adorable as nail art too !
The base coat is Barry M Matte nail paint in "Rhossili" and the pineapples are painted using acrylic paints.

This one was a super multitasking experience ! I combined the #lifeinlacquerjuly promt of "Pink" with the #nailartjul promt of "Matte" to produce this gorgeous matte pink ombré you see below !
The colours used are Barry M "Rose Hip", Barry M "Dragon, & Models Own "Cerise Shine" topped off with Barry M Matte top coat.

 Here is another one of my favourites from the challenges ! This one is #lifeinlacquerjuly prompt of "Film or TV inspired" and it is of course the wallpaper from Sherlock & John's flat in 221b Baker Street from Season 1, episode 2 "The Great Game" 

So I am now partway through the July Instagram challenges, but that hasn't stopped me getting some other sneaky designs in between !!

This super over the top mermaid design is awesome, yet so over the top I couldn't wear it for more than a couple of hours before I started catching the mermaid's tail on my clothes :( Maybe I will go for a less is more approach next time, but I do absolutely love this !
The mermaid scales were made using Barry M Matte nail paint in "Malibu" with She Sells Seashells mermaid / fish scale vinyl stencils, all the charms & swarovski crystals used are from Daily Charme which is perfect for every single type of charm you can imagine possible !

This mani was a bit of a randomer (is that even a word?) ... But hey! they sometimes work out !! This is Mundo De Unas number 17 stamped over Barry M "Plum" topped with Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat ( which UK ladies can buy from Rainbow Connection

So I think I went a little over the top here.. I wanted to have a fiddle around with some nail vinyls that I had bought from She Sells Seashells, and I couldn't pick a colour.. so I kinda went for a big mash up of colours !

This was a practice run for a future challenge based on the "monochrome" prompt, I really would like to do something a little more adventurous than just black and white polka dots, but i'm still working on it !! 
The base coats used are Models Own "Black Magic", and Barry M "Coconut", stamped with Mundo De Unas numbers 1 & 2

This I think has to be my ultimate random mani ever ! I really wanted to do a rainbow theme, and was leaning towards a vertical ombré, but I was inspired by a few awesome artists on instagram and pinterest who were doing chevron ombré designs, so I thought I would try out a rainbow one !
I actually love this so much I'm going to print it out and get it framed...

This was completely inspired by a fabric I saw while browsing Goldstitches and I decided I had to recreate it on my nails ! 

Finally... This is probably the most random design I have ever done... While watching the FatbossTV live World of Warcraft stream I was challenged by one of the viewers to paint their logo on my nails... and so I did !

So that's everything up to date so far, but there will be more to come as I complete further challenges !!



  1. Wow! These are amazing! Couldn't even pick a favourite - they're awesome x

  2. OMG Sherlock's wallpaper? That's bonkers and amazing!