Moyra haul & swatches

Hi all !

Today's blog is all about a fantastic new nail polish brand I have been introduced to, it is a European brand called Moyra & they have a newly opened UK online store !!. I made my very first purchase last week & I can safely say I am not disappointed !

I bought a selection of ten different shades, all of which I shall be swatching here :)
So hit the jump for the review & photos !

This is my entire haul:

 L to R  No 44, No 853, No41, No57 & No 88

 L to R No 807, No 52, No39, No 304, No851

In total it cost me £32 to buy all of these polishes, which I think is an absolute steal ! Barry M used to be my only source for affordable polishes, but I think Moyra is going to take over that crown, especially if they continue to release such amazing collections !

Swatch time !! All swatches aside from the sand effects are topped with HK Girl top coat.

This is No 39, a creme polish. The second picture shows a truer reflection of the shade itself. It's a blue toned fushia shade.

This is only one coat for pure opacity. You heard me right ladies. ONE COAT !!

Next up is No 88 - This one is slightly on the sheer side, so I would liken it to a crelly formula, which I love. It's a gorgeous cobalt blue and is not too dissimilar to Barry M Blue Grape, in fact I would go as far to say they are pretty much dupes. 

 Due to the sheerness of the polish, this took 3 coats to become nearly opaque ( there is a really slight vnl, but not so much that it bothers me )

No 52 Next, which is another sort of crelly, but with added glitter ! It's a beautiful lavender shade with tiny holographic glitter flakes in the mix.

Again, this took about 3 coats to get to this level of opacity, but you can still see a fair amount of vnl but it's so pretty I don't care <3

No 44 is another sheer polish, it's a gorgeous deep dark plum shade with a hint of shimmer.

It took me 4 coats to get to this level of opacity, and as you can see... no vnl ! yay !

No 57 is a beautiful pink-tinted holographic glitter topper, it is extremely sheer.

This was about 3 coats over bare nails, and there is a clear vnl, but I think the it's a nice neutral look with added glitter and isn't too obvious.

No 807 is a "Glamour" shade which comes across as a foil type polish & it is one of my favourites of the entire haul. It is a beautiful blue with a slight hint of teal and a very subtle colour shift into purple at certain angles. Unfortunately no matter how hard I tried I couldn't capture that in my photos :(

This is 3 coats with no vnl.

Next is No 41 which is another shade with lots of depth, this is a sweet burgundy shade with  tiny silver glitters mixed in.

Again this is another sheer shade, this was 3 coats & it looks really christmassy !

Next up is Number 304, which is a Metal shade in a gorgeous silver.

This is the perfect one coater ! Although you can see a few brush strokes it's so shiny you wouldn't really notice it.

No 853 is a beautiful mermaid green sand effect polish with tiny flecks of gold glitter. It's very nearly a dupe for my Dance Legend "Lagoon" & China Glaze "Seahorsin' around" but this one has more of a sand effect to it.

This took about 3 coats to get the perfect coverage.

Last up is No 851, which is a stunning coral pink sand effect with gold glitter pieces. This looks like a dupe of China Glaze "Wish on a starfish" which I have been lusting after for ages, so this has to be hands down my favourite Moyra polish out of the lot !

Again this took about 3 coats to get the perfect consistency, but it is just stunning. I can't stop looking at it !

Overall Moyra is the perfect polish brand for me, because they are excellent value for money, & the quality of all of the polishes I have tried so far are the same if not better than the expensive brands I have at home.

Pay Day cannot come quick enough so I can buy more !!

L x


  1. Thanks ! :) They're all much more vibrant in person, I just couldn't do them justice with my camera haha

  2. They are all beautiful, great pictures :)