A to Z of Polish "Q" is for.... erm......

Hey guys,

So today was meant to be "Q" day for the A to Z challenge... but even though I have many many polishes.. none of them have a name beginning with Q, it seems that a few others were in the same predicament as myself, so we decided this week would be a cheat week !

So for those of us with no "Q" named polishes we are just going with a "Q" theme !

Hit the jump to see what I came up with.

For my "Q" theme, I decided to go for a word beginning with "Q" and base my nail art around that.

After about an hour of trying to think of interesting "Q" words, I decided to seek help from Google.

And I found this :

quarenderdark red apple

And here is what I came up with ....

For the base I used Models Own HyperGel "Naked Glow" and I painted the apple using acrylic paints and my new brushes from Stylish Nail Art Shop using "Pure color glamour 01" & "JN Dance 21 liner"

And to finish, here is a macro shot of the apple :)

I hope you liked my take on the "Q" theme, it will be business as usual next week when we go for "R" !!

L x

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  1. Using acrylics, what an awesome idea! I'm going to get on this!