A to Z of nails - G is for GOLD

Hi Everyone! 

It's that time again where I get given a theme and try and be as obscure as possible!

This week is clearly no different to any other, so without further ado, check out my design for "gold" week !

So, for those who cannot read music ( or for those who think my freehand skills leave a lot to be desired ) these are the opening few bars of the song "Gold" by Spandau Ballet ( showing my age a little here haha! )

I was thinking for ages about what I could do for gold week that would be different, yet still grasp people's interests rather than just a plain gold mani ( which was always my backup plan )

My freehand skills certainly need a fair amount of practice, but I'm quite proud that I eventually came up with an angle on "Gold" that was nothing like I'd done before :)

The base colour is Barry M Gelly in "coconut" and the notes were painted on using acrylic paint.

As always you can click HERE to head over to our main hub page to see what everyone has done in previous weeks, or hit the inlinkz below to see all of this week's manis !

Keep an eye out this week for a little swatch session with my new ILNP flakie polishes <3

L x


  1. Haha! I knew someone would sneak in a Tony Hadley reference. Awesome x