Birthday Blog Post !!!

Hey Everyone!

It's my birthday today and I thought I'd share a couple designs that I wore for my birthday this weekend. 

I hope you enjoy them! They're both recreations of past birthday manicures. One is from last year (2014) and one from 3 years ago (2012) I'm hoping there's a little bit of improvement in my technique between then and now ;)

First up is a recreation of sorts of a balloon mani I did three years ago, This was at the start of my nail art "career" so it wasn't the best, but I remember how proud I was at the time ! It was probably the most complex design I had done to date,

So I thought of a way of recreating it without copying it exactly, as it was such a simple design I wanted to add a little flair to it.

Of course I had to add glitter, and being a mermaid at heart I chose "Seahorse Rodeo" by Smitten Polish ( purchased from the lovely Annette at Rainbow Connection in the UK ) I then used two coats of HK Girl top coat to ensure a clean smooth surface for the design.

I initially wanted to hand paint some balloons on, but then I remembered I recently bought the Birthday plates from Mo-You London & they were perfect for what I wanted.

For this mani, all the stamping designs were from Happy Birthday Plate number 02, & the stamping polishes were all from Mundo de Unas

The little balloon dog is my favourite! :)

This next design is again a loosely based recreation of last years birthday mani. I wanted to stick with the cartoon Unicorn theme, but I also wanted to avoid having such a busy background again, so I went with "Cloud Atlas" by Glam Polish which is an amazing white crelly packed with lots of different sized circle glitters & is totally unicorny !

The Unicorn itself is hand painted on with acrylic paints, but even though there isn't as much going on in this design as last year's, I still think it's an awesomely cute thing to look at <3

What do you guys think? Comment below what you did or didn't like about these recreations.

See you all next Thursday for another A to Z post

L x

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  1. Wow! These are amazing! Love the look of Cloud Atlas too, might need to add it to the ever expanding list of wants. The balloon animal is cute too. Hope you had a lovely birthday xx