A to Z - O is for Old!

Hey all !

Back on time for this week's post YAY!

So this week's theme is "Old" and there isn't a lot older than a fossil huh?

I absolutely adored reading about dinosaurs when I was little and I admit I still love them now.
So what better to put on my nails than an awesome dinosaur skeleton?


For the base I used a mixture of Barry M "Pit Stop" & "Stop the Clock" from the new Speed Dry Collection, "Caramel" & "Vanilla" from the Matte Collection, "Cocoa"& "Lychee" from the Gelly Collection all sponged on in layers to create a ground effect.

Then I hand-painted on the dinosaur bones using acrylic paints.

Of course this is not an accurate depiction of a specific dinosaur, it's more of a vague representation :P

Let me know what you think in the comments below !

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See you soon !

L xx


  1. This is absolutely amazing :) x

  2. Hey Sharkie, I found you in the blogger group and your nail designs are amaaaaaazing. I think this one is my favourite though. Who doesn't love dinosaurs? I especially love how the background kind of looks like a speckled dinosaur eggshell :)
    My nails are never more than a simple, single shade, and even maintaining that can be a struggle. Big respect for your talent!