A fruity collaboration between friends.

So as a special treat for my beautiful followers is an extra little blog post !

A group of wonderful friends and amazing nail artists decided on a lovely fruit inspired collab for everyone to enjoy :)

For my fruit theme I chose apples as I'm a little rubbish at hand painting fruit & they seemed to be the easiest to paint :P

For the base, I sponged on 2 coats of the beautifully stunning "Lime Light" by Lacquer Lust from Rainbow-Connection, which is a beautiful holo glitter spring green colour ( I think you're going to see a fair few manis containing this polish over the next few weeks ) :)

For the apples, I used Reeves acrylic paint. The apple itself is "rose madder" red, the stalk is "Mars Black", the leaf is "Light Green", and the shine on the apple is "Titan White"

I painted on the apples using my JN Dance 20 & Pure Colour Glamour 1 brushes from Stylish Nail Art Shop on Etsy :)

As this is a collab, you can check out everyone elses posts below :)

I hope you enjoyed this little surprise blog post! I will see you on Thursday for the usual A to Z post :)

L xx


  1. These are amazing, I wish I had stuck to my original idea x

  2. Love these so much. And Lime Light looks delicious xx