#Nailartmar update & helmer excitement !!

Hi guys !

So I finally did a nail art on my little phalanges that I am am super proud of ! It's been a long time since I've been 100% happy with my nail art. Most of the time I end up with a "meh" reaction from my brain and then I remove it after a day and try something else. But this time I actually wanted to keep it on for longer. But alas I had to remove it for the next days #nailartmar theme.


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Anyway, here's the design in question...

Spring themed nail art using Models Own "Turquoise Gloss" with acrylic paints.
This was for the "Spring" theme day, and I positively love it ! I think I am starting to get my mojo back.


I'm currently typing this with naked nails *gasp* in preparation for the next design, which is #matchOOTD ....

I've got a few ideas up my sleeves, but for now the hard bit is deciding on which one to do. I could easily cheat and paint my nails black as that's pretty much what I'm wearing today. But I'm not that boring ( I hope) So I will just base it on my favourite dress or t shirt....and that's the hard part. I own in excess of 150 dresses - all of which are awesome, and probably the same amount of t shirts. So I'd better make it a good one !

I'll update by the end of my week with my final design :)

Literally 5 minutes before I started writing today's blog I remembered that I have my very first Ikea Helmer coming tomorrow and my heart literally was bursting with excitement. I do believe that this is probably only something that other nail varnish hoarders will understand.

I have already been trying to decide how to best organise my drawers, whether to sort by brand, or colour, or type of finish.. I just don't know. I'm sure I will probably swap it all around several times before I decide on a tactic that works for me :P

I've also been unashamedly searching for pretty stickers to adorn my helmer to make it look pretty, and so far I think I have discovered probably about £200 worth of awesome stickers so I had to back away from the computer for a while before I started spending too much ! I think i've narrowed it down to a few sparkly stickers from ebay, and a couple from nailvinyls.

I will probably do a short helmer blog tomorrow so I can share with you my organisational frustrations ! yay !

See you tomorrow !!

Lisa x

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