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Hi guys !

I've had a bit of a brain blank lately and when I started this blog I was expecting the thoughts and ideas to come flooding in from all corners of my brain.... They did not.

I've literally been sat at my desk staring into space for what seems to be an infinite amount of time so I thought to myself, "Hey it's 21:00 on a Friday evening... LET'S BLOG ANYWAY!!" So.. uh.. here I am.

*Nervous Grin*

I apologise in advance if none of this makes any sense and appears to not be in chronological order right now, but I'm afraid that's my brain function right now, so let's just roll with it shall we?

At the beginning of the month I was browsing through my instagram and remembered there were several IG users who had day by day nail art challenges, now as I have a thoroughly stressful day job with long shifts I don't actually have time to do a new mani each day, sooo I rediscovered the "TOTALLY DOABLE "I have a life" CHALLENGE" by @Californails so as I'd missed out on the Dotticure from the 1st of March, I started on day 4 with the Ombré.

Ombré nail art using Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in "Blueberry", Models Own Iced Neon "Pukka Purple" on the middle and ring finger, and PiCture pOlish "Altered State" on the pinky and pointer fingers.
This was my first mani after buying Altered State & Illusionist from Rainbow Connection ( Which, for those of you who don't know, is a fabulous website based in the UK by a wonderful lady who imports hard to find and international nail polishes ) and I was so desperate to use them.

The photo does not do it justice, it took me forever to find a half decent picture of the colours, but in person, they are amazing to look at. I just couldn't stop staring at the colours !

Candies nail art using Models Own Hyper Gel polishes in "Turquoise Gloss", "Pink Veneer", "Cerise Shine", & "Blue Glint". I also used Models Own Nail Art Pen for the accent lettering.

For day 8, the theme was "Candies". This one I had A LOT of fun with, I have ( of course ) made it family friendly, but making a rude version of love hearts candy was amusing to do, and everyone at work loved it !

I am a big lover of Models Own polishes, & nearly threw myself at my computer when I found out they were doing Gel effect polishes. Because I change my nail art so often, I don't get to use real gel polishes on my nails, but I love the way they look, and I wanted a real glossy effect for this day's challenge, so these were perfect!

Neon nail art using China Glaze "Too Yacht To Handle", and Holographic nail studs from She sells seashells.

This is my attempt for day 11... Neons ! One this I hate about using my iPhone camera is that it doesn't pick up on colours as well as I would like it to. This turquoise-y / teal-y / blue-y colour is gorgeously neon in person. In this photo, it doesn't look too far off the Barry M "Greenberry", although I will admit it's close, the china glaze is more of a soft neon pastel ( if such a thing exists ) ( I'm sure it exists ) ( Well either way it exists in my mind and that's all that counts right?......right? ) The studs are amazing as well and come from She sells sea shells which is a cute little nail accessories store based in the UK, & run by an amazingly wonderful lady who will also ship all of her wonderful items internationally too !

Flakies nail art using Liquid Sky Lacquer "Holo Top Coat", Nubar flake polish, & Models Own plain black & white polishes.

Day 14 ! ( Tell me if this is getting too long... feel free to stop for a tea break if you've managed to get this far ) I kinda cheated with this one a little, I wanted to use my Liquid Sky Lacquer holo top coat for one of the days challenges, and I also reaalllly wanted to get some more use out of my nail vinyls stickers, so this day's challenge probably only just passed off as a flakie manicure...

St. Patty's day nail art using Models Own "Turquoise Gloss", "Naked Glow", "Peacock Green", "Endamame" "Black nail art pen" & Liquid Sky Lacquer in "Kiss me, I'm Irish" ( Cold ) 

Kiss me I'm Irish once my hands have warmed up a bit.

Day 17, St Patty's Day. Now I'm not normally one for doing a St. Patrick's Day manicure when the time rolls around, but as it was a part of this month's challenge, I couldn't say no. Plus I had the PERFECT polish to try out! "Kiss me I'm Irish" by Liquid Sky Lacquer is my first thermal polish, and I admit I expected the polish to adapt to my skin temperature right away and I was hoping for an instant reaction, but alas, either my hands were too cold or they tend to take a while to get going. The green colour when it goes on is a shimmery Kelly green, and when warm, the green colour appears to melt away, leaving behind the lovely gold shimmer you can see in the second of my two pictures.
Also, if you were wondering, the weird hand thing on my pinky finger was my rubbish attempt at a claddagh ( the other hand was on my thumb )

Daisies nail art using Rimmel "Midnight Rendezvous" for the base, and acrylic paint for the flowers

Day 20 (Now we're up to date!) I thoroughly enjoyed doing this mani, It's been a long while since I've properly worked with acrylic paints for my own nail art and I'm normally a bit rubbish at flowers, so to make my life a tad easier, I used some regular acrylic paints, I don't think it turned out too bad, even if I say so myself ! It did however take a bit longer for the manicure as a whole due to mixing colours and drying time between layers, but when I use regular nail polish for intricate work it usually ends up in a big old mess and looks nothing how I envisioned it to be.

So that has been my month ( so far ) in manicures. I am currently in the process of pre planning my "Spring" nail art for tomorrow, trying to figure out colour schemes and thinking of some springy stuff to put on my little phalanges while also frantically trying to pre plan nail art for one of my best friend's weddings in 2 weeks ARGH !

I shall leave it here at me stressing out, just before bed. This was much longer than anticipated and I do apologise if it was a bit TL;DR for you all, I'll try and reign myself in next time and keep them short but sweet, but my brain just took over. Sometimes I just can't control that thing.

Love you all ! ( all 1 of you )

Lisa xx

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