Vinyls ! Stickers ! and Stencils ! Oh My !!

Hi Guys !!

I wanted to share with you today some amazing nail mail I got from the lovely Sarah at She Sells Seashells online store !

I was recently one of the lucky few to be chosen to participate in the She Sells Seashells focus group for their new vinyl range & I absolutely loved everything I got sent to try out.

She Sells Seashells is a UK based nail art supply store, I've been shopping there since it first opened and I adore everything they have in stock from tiny little mermaid & unicorn charms, to gorgeous steampunk pieces to adorn your digits.

As a thank you gift for helping out with the focus group, everyone was sent a cute little package containing more wonderful vinyls and some sneaky peekies of yet to be released items !! One of which I shall be showing you after the jump !

This is everything that I was sent and I really didn't know where to start with them, I have used chevorns and straight vinyls before so I went for the unicorns !

I can tell you now that working with vinyl stickers makes my life so much easier, and the fact that they are also stencils means if i am reaaalllyyy careful I can get several uses out of them ! Yay !

So here is my design using the unicorn stencil & OPI sheer tints.

Close up !! ( Please excuse the bubbles.... Sheer tints tend to do that to me )

And just for kicks.. here it is mattified !

I am going into hospital next week to have my gall bladder out so as soon as I am able to get up and about I shall be doing some more reviews of the other vinyl items I was sent.

Stay Classy !

L xx

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