Four Seasons Blogger Collaboration.

Hey All !

Today is going to be something a little different to normal, myself and 3 other lovely ladies have decided to band together to create a seasonal nail art collaboration.

Hit the jump to see what we all did !

Alongside myself in this collab is Elicia from Deliciate Nails who is sporting a Winter design, Ave from Nail Lacquer who has chosen Autumn, and Tracey from Simply into my Nails who picked Spring !

That leaves myself, with Summer ! Now for me Summer represents the typical themes everyone thinks of when you say Summer... Beaches, Green grass, Blue Skies, White fluffy clouds, Clear sea water...

So for my mani I decided to go with a little Surf 'n' Turf theme  ! I couldn't decide between beachy nails, or blue sky nails, so I went with both.

Please excuse my horrible skin ! Winter does not agree with my fingertips :(

The blue polishes used here are all by Barry M from their Gelly nail paint collection. Going from lightest to darkest, I used Huckleberry, Sugar Apple, Blueberry, & Damson, I them sponged on an ombré on all of my nails.

For my forefinger and middle finger I did a little water spotted effect using White Light by Models Own, I also sponged on some clouds on my other two fingers using the same white.

I then handpainted the balloons on using acrylic paint and nail art brushes.

Then to finish off, I added some seaside charms from Daily Charme

What do you think :) I love it.

L x

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  1. Lisa

    I love this fun summer manicure. The charms you used are perfect for this manicure which screams summer. I love it!!!!