MoYou London Plate review

Hi All !!

So I was lucky enough to be sent two stamping plates from MoYou London to review for them.

The plates up for review are Hipster plate 07 & Explorer plate 08 !

Hit the jump for the review and to see what I created. :)

I am an avid fan of MoYou London, and was very pleased when they said they would sen me some plates for review, I have always found their plates really easy to use and my collection is bordering on obsession ! But As you all know, I won't let that affect my judgement on anything :)

So here goes !

The first plate I tried was the Hipster plate 07, As yet I hadn't tried any of the Hipster collection, but I am a massive fan of geometric designs, and delicate patterns so this particular plate stood out to me.

I chose three designs to test out from this plate, the first one was the pattern third from the left on the bottom row of the plate, it is a repeating geometric pattern that looks super complicated.

The images are carved exquisitely onto the plate, It's deep enough to make a crisp line on the stamper, but not too deep that you miss half of the  pattern.

I used Mundo de Unas gold stamping polish over Models Own "Liquorish Allsorts". I used the XL squishy stamper sold by MoYou London to pick up and stamp the designs.

I think this has a little bit of Gatsby going on with the gold and black here !

The next design is from the far right on the bottom row of the plate, another delicate geometric design.
Because I wanted to get these spot on in the centre on my nails I made these into decals, and then carefully cut the designs to size before placing them on my nail.
I used Models Own "White Light" and "Liquorish Allsorts" for the base, with OPI "The Man With The Golden Gun" to top off my pinky and forefinger and I used Mundo de Unas black to stamp with.

This was another perfect transition from stamp to nail, The images always pick up perfectly and from all the plates I own ( I had about 40 at my last count ) I have not had any image that has caused me any issues.

This next design is the far right image on the top row of the plate, I just love the Miu Miu bird design, and about a day after I stamped and photographed my nails, I saw Very Emily had done a very similar design here <3

I used Barry M Gelly nail paint in "Chai" as the base, and stamped with Mundo de Unas pink for the birds. Admittedly I did have a slight issue with the stamping of the birds, but I think this was down to the polish being a little on the thick side rather than from the plates themselves.

I still think it came out beautifully though !

The last design is from Explorer plate 08, I have a few of the explorer plates already, but I am fascinated with the look of sugar skulls and the meaning behind Dia de los Muertos.

I picked four different skulls from this plate to use in my manicure :
 On my forefinger is a happy looking sugar skull with pixelated eyes and petals for eyebrows.
On my middle finger is a little guy with hearts for eyes and some pretty leaves on the top of the skull.
On my ring finger is a scary halloween looking skull with cobwebs and a spider.
On my pinky is a more traditional looking skull with elaborate face paints.

I love all of the skulls on the plate and plan to do a lot more with it, I love the pirate looking one, and the large skull in the centre, I think I might incorporate him into a Day of the Dead themed nail design.

This plate was another I couldn't fault, the images picked up perfectly, and though they were ever so slightly wider than my nail beds, the images still covered my nails really well.

For this mani, I used Models Own "White Light" and Barry M Matte nail paint in "Espresso" with some Sally Hansen jelly tints to add colour !

Overall I would continue to  highly recommend MoYou London plates to everyone who loves nail art.
For those who haven't yet tried MoYou London plates, they are £4.99 each and well worth the money. If you don't like any of the plates they have on offer in their store, keep a check on their social media pages as they release new plates nearly every week !

I hope you all liked my little review of these MoYou London plates,

Let me know what you think in the comments below !

L x

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