A to Z of polish... Z is for.... ZOYA !

Hey All !

So today is a sad day :( It's the end of the A to Z of polish challenge... It's the end of an era..

BUT NEVER FEAR !! Next week I will be joining in with another A to Z weekly blog challenge. More on that next week, but today is all about the Z's..

Hit the jump for my final A to Z of polish mani <3

This week's polish is a little bit of a cheat, so I didn't have any polish names beginning with Z - So I went for a Zoya polish. I only own two Zoya polishes, but they are both amazing. 

For this mani I chose "Charla" as it is a gorgeous mermaid-y, sea green.

Please excuse the chipped nail on my forefinger, there was an unfortunate accident with a button ( Don't ask )

Of course I also incorporated mermaid scales into the mani.. because mermaids.
For the middle and ring fingers I sponged on a little Cirque polish in "Cerillos" that I bought from the lovely Annette at Rainbow Connection over a mermaid stencil I bought from She Sells Seashells.

As always, click HERE to see what the other lovely ladies have done for their final A to Z of polish week :)

What do you think of my final A to Z of polish mani? Let me know in the comments below <3

See you next week !

L x

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